Professional Location Sound Recording, Toronto

ESR Production Sound


Thanks to YouTube, you can hear (and see) some of my work:


Beyond Skyline - trailer

He Never Died clip, starring Henry Rollins

A Fighting Man - trailer

Compulsion - trailer

Nurse 3D - trailer

Sophie & Sheba - trailer

The Whistleblower - trailer

Killer's Freedom - trailer

Jekyll + Hyde - trailer

Television Production

Killjoys - trailer

Mob Stories II


Rogers First Love

Copycat - Compass Build-to-Order Free Checking

Coffee Shop - Compass Build-to-Order Free Checking

Hamster - Compass Build-to-Order Free Checking

After Dark Film Festival: Shower Scene

Toronto After Dark Film Festival: Tactics

CHFI Mike Only

CHFI tv commercial

Erin & Mike Commercial 2nd

Erin & Mike Commercial

Some Location Sound Cards